I know this is supposed to be a creative writing blog, but sometimes I guess things pop up that just need to be shared.

So welcome to a brief glimpse into my life:

Do do do do do doooooooo (that’s trumpet fanfare, just in case you couldn’t tell…)

Alrighty… a little background information is required here. The other day, I received a call from someone, who we shall refer to as Bob, telling me that they had a missed call from my phone number. I told them my phone had been playing up, which it had, and that I hadn’t actually called anyone that day. I apologised for the inconvenience, and thought nothing more of it.

Then, yesterday, as I was laying on the couch, reading a (not very good) book, I was treated to a wonderfully eye opening text message exchange of wierdness. I probably shouldn’t have allowed myself to get so involved, but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. The rest is verbatim*

Bob: Hey that random person that rang u in regards 2 a misd cal. Jus wondrin if u knew the joneses?

Me: Huh? What you talkin’ about, Willis? (I thought at this point that it was a friend of mine whose name, for some reason was showing at the top of Bob’s messages)

Bob: Sori 2 b random n confusn, juswthat u sorta sound familiar n was wonderin if i knew u thro otha ppl. U sound so familiar! Cant put my finger onit

Me: This is Doug, right?

Bob: Na dnu hu that iz? This bob i gota misd cal frm u n rang lyk a couple days ago memba?

Me: Yeah, right. I remember now. Where do you think you know me from?

Bob: Wel ur the 1 that rang me but suposidly ddnt. Duno, ur voice n ur vocab jus sounds lyk i know u. How old r u n what skol did u go 2

Me: 33, and I went to a bunch of different schools in qld and vic. That was a long time ago, though 🙂

Bob: Damn, So doesnt ring a bell. Your a old man compard 2 me. Wea bouts did u grow up u sound sorta maori? r u

Me: No, not Maori, mate. Born in Melbourne, moved between vic and the Gold Coast all my life. Maybe I’m just one of those familiar sounding people…

Bob: Sori ta b cheeky, had to say ur a old man hehe. Awk thort i may hav known u from touch maybe. Yea prob jus random conection fne stuf. U hava lovely day

Me: You too, mate. Take it easy.

Bob: Yip, again jus a quik sori 4 inconvenin u. Hava gud 1

Me: No problems!

Bob: Jus tryn ta b polite u seem nyc so yea hava gud 1 n gudluck 4 future even tho i dnt know u

Me: You too. Take care.


And that’s the last I heard from Bob.