The Fairy Tale Re-write Sessions Presents:

‘Girls in da (red) Hood’


A little girl, Red Riding Hood,

Was taking a walk through the wood,

To take to her gran

Milk, cookies and flan,

And all sorts of things that were good.


She met a big wolf on the way,

Who asked of her plans for the day,

She said “It’s my plan,

To visit my nan,

I’d like to go now, if I may.”


Unbeknownst to poor little Red,

The wolf then went bounding ahead,

Through Gran’s door he stole,

And ate her up whole,

Dressed like her, and jumped into bed.


Red Riding Hood opened the door

Of old Granny’s house and she saw,

Her nan lying there,

All covered in hair,

And of Gran, there seemed a lot more.


“You’ve mighty big teeth, Nan!” She said.

“All the better for eating you, Red!

You’ll taste mighty good,

You and that red hood,

And I’ll start off by eating your head!”


But as the wolf raised its huge paw,

A woodsman crashed in through the door,

He swung his huge chopper,

The wolf came a cropper,

And its body fell dead to the floor.


Granny then crawled from its belly,

Unharmed, but a little bit smelly.

Wiping gunk off her head,

She smiled at Red,

And said “Love, shall we see what’s on telly?”